Studio Policy

(updated 1/25/17)
  • Registration
    • Students are expected to sign up for the full term and register 3 weeks prior to the beginning of the term.
    • I generally follow the Portland Public School calendar for winter, spring and summer breaks.
  • Tuition
    • My base rates are:
    • 30 minutes - $25
    • 45 minutes - $40
    • 60 minutes - $50
    • Add an additional $10 for every 5 miles I have to travel to have lessons at your home.
  • 2017 Winter term, 1/2 - 3/26 (12 weeks):
    • 30 minute lessons :  $275
    • 45 minute lessons:  $440
    • 1 hour lessons:  $550
    • There is a charge for traveling to your home which will be determined on an individual basis.  Again, I add an additional $10 for every 5 miles I have to travel to your home
    • Summer lessons will be scheduled on an individual basis.
    • Families should expect a yearly increase in tuition appropriate to cost of living increases and services offered.
  • Payment
    • Payment is accepted in full, or by the month, and is due at the first week of the term, or the first week of the month if paying monthly.
    • I accept payment by checks, credit or debit cards, and electronically via PayPal or Square.  I charge a merchant fee, if any.
    • Make checks payable to ‘Arthur C. Lee’
  • Attendance, Cancelations and Make-up lessons
    • Make-up lessons are offered the last week of the term, and are limited to one per term.  Students who have not missed a lesson for that term can have a free lesson that week if they choose.  
    • At least 48 hours notice is required for cancelled lessons.  I will try and reschedule that lesson to another time during the week, if at all possible.  If not, it will have to be made-up at the last week of the term.
    • Except for illness or an emergency, cancelled lessons without 48 hour notice are considered ‘no-shows’ and cannot be made-up.  The student will have to give up their time slot after the third no-show and be placed on the waitlist.
    • I treat all Monday holidays as a normal teaching day.
    • Snow days are expected to be made-up.  
  • Practice!
    • Generally, I expect my new students to practice around 15 - 20 minutes everyday.  Once they get up to around level 1B in their method books, I expect around 30 minutes of practicing.
    • And yes, my students are expected to practice everyday!  But at the same time, I think it’s very beneficial to step away from their instrument every once in a while. So taking a day off during the week is fine.
  • Books and Materials
    • Piano: I generally use the ‘Alfred’s Basic Piano’ method books, but also like the ‘Faber Piano Adventure’ series.  
    • Guitar: I like to use Dick Bennett’s series ‘Guitar for the Small Fry’ or ‘Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course’ for my younger students, and Dick Bennett’s ’The Primary Method’ for older students.
    • I supplement other material where I see fit.
  • Recitals
    • I hold recitals for my students twice a year, on the Saturday before the last week of the Fall and Summer terms. 
Arthur C. Lee,
Jan 26, 2017, 1:55 PM